2018 Tour Preview

Apr 03 2016

2018 Tour Membership & Tournament Registrations

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  • 2018 Tour Membership Registration opens 1/20. Early membership registration cost is $50 until 2/28, $75 after. Register Now
  • To register for 2018 Tour Membership please use the same ID/PW you used to sign up for tournaments in 2017. New members will create a new ID/PW.
  • For 2017 members that won a 2018 Membership by virtue of acquiring a 2017 Tour Championship Eagle or Ace Sponsor, your 2018 membership will be automatically renewed.
  • All members who wish to renew their USGA Ghin Handicap service the 2018 cost is $25 the same as 2017. You can renew your Ghin handicap during membership registration. Ghin renewals must be done by 2/28. This is an optional service not a membership additional purchase requirement.
  • Tournament registrations will open sometime in February.

2018 Tour Schedule Highlights

  • Season Opener (3/24): The 2018 Tour kicks off at Cherokee Valley.
  • 2018 Tour (16 Events): There will be 14 regular Tour events plus the Tour Championship and USCGA Cup. Season concludes in September. In order to finish in September there will be three tournaments played in consecutive weeks in August. (Galloway, Tunica, & Orgill)
  • Top Favorite Courses: Fair Oaks (6/30), Ole Miss (7/14), Glen Eagle (7/28), Galloway (8/11), Tunica (8/18), RTJ The Shoals (6/15-6/16): Two day road trip to RTJ The Shoals. Schoolmaster (Fri. 6/15) Fighting Joe (Sat. 6/16)
  • New Schedule Additions: Windkyke East (5/5), Marion (6/2)
  • Time Changes: Ole Miss will change from a 10 am shotgun start to a 9 am shotgun start. Tunica National will change from a 8 am shotgun start to 11am tee times.
  • Tour Championship at North Creek (9/8): The course was in excellent shape last year. It’s an ideal venue for the Tour Championship! It’s in a central location with perfect facilities for our season ending festivities. Note: Both divisions will play one set of tees up from tees played in the 2017 Tour Championship.
  • USCGA Cup (9/21-9/22): The Dogwoods. The competition is OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS. There is no qualification or minimum tournaments played requirements to participate.
See complete 2018 Tour Schedule HERE.

2018 Tour Revisions

  • New Tournament Golf Software: We are switching to Golf Genius software this year. This software is the new tournament software for all USGA Ghin clubs. The new software will allow members to accept invitations to play tournaments, view tournament participants, view pairings, view tournament results, view POY standings and receive USCGA emails.
  • Stats Results: In order to be consistent with POY standings (Best seven results), stats competition winners will be determined by best seven stats average instead of best five stats average. Minimum seven tournaments eligibility.
  • Tour Championship POY Points: Tour Championship points will count the same as regular season points rather than double points. This puts more significance on a player’s performance the entire season. The Tour Championship plays a signficant part in determing POY standings. The Tour Championship results are added to a player’s best seven regular season points.

2018 Membership Drive

  • Our 2018 Tour Membership Goal is 100 members. You can help us reach our goal by recruiting members. As a recruitment incentive, we will again offer a $25 credit for each new recruitment up to four recruits ($100 credit). Credits will be applied to any tournament entry fee of your choice. Inform your new recruits to list you as their referral when registering for membership. Let all possible recruits know about our early bird $50 membership fee. New recruits are also able to get in on the recruitment incentive. The 2018 green schedule cards, flyers, and posters will be available soon to help you in your recruiting efforts.