The Blood Covenant - Plantation Devotional Recap

Apr 17 2015

rbolenSeveral years ago, a pastor friend of mine, Wayne Barber, told me about the “Blood Covenant,” and my Christian walk has never been the same. I want to share that with you this morning. Let me begin by telling you about another covenant that started in I Samuel, chapter 20, where David and Jonathan cut a covenant. Now when two people cut a covenant in the Old Testament, it was a very serious thing. You could only cut a covenant with one person in your life…whatever was yours became his and whatever was his became yours, and not just possessions…his friends were your friends…his enemies your enemies, and the other way around, as well. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU became that other person’s. In order to solidify the covenant, the two people would cut their wrists just slightly, and rub their wrists together, allowing the blood to mingle. Then, they would take a blue powder, sprinkle it in the cut, and let it dry in the wound. That way, there would always be a blue scar to remind them that they had cut a covenant with someone.

Now, fast forward to 2 Samuel. Saul and Jonathan have both been killed, and David had pretty much solidified his kingdom. God has blessed David with victory after victory, and David is now ready to settle down in Jerusalem and enjoy his rule. In Chapter 9, David asks an extraordinary question. He asks, “Is there anyone left of the house of Saul that I can do kindness to for the sake of Jonathan?” (Remember the covenant?) Well, it just so happened that Jonathan had a son named Mephibesheth, who was in hiding, and he was lame. David sends for him. Can you imagine how this young man felt? “Well, this conquering king has sent for the grandson of the remaining members of the vanquished ruling family. I guess I’m a dead man!!” Can you imagine Mephibesheth as he was brought to the King’s table that night to eat? King David tells him that the reason for this was that his father and the King had a covenant. Now, in my mind’s eye, I can picture the scene at the King’s table… David says, “Mephibesheth, pass the biscuits!” and as he passes the biscuits, the sleeve of David’s robe rises up, and what does he see? He sees the scar of the covenant. Then he understands why he is there.

Now, let’s shift gears again. I’m gonna bring it all together…I promise. I want to tell you about the temple of the Jews during the time of Christ. Basically, it was a very large courtyard, which is where the money- changers were when Christ ran them out. Next was the temple itself, which consisted of two rooms. The first of was Holy Place, and the second was the Holy of Holies. These two rooms were separated by a veil, which was very big. It was appx. 60 feet high and about 40 ft. wide, and about 5 inches thick. It was handmade, and it was seamless. Inside the Holy of Holies sat the Arc of the Covenant. Inside the Arc was the staff of Aaron, manna, and the Law or the ten commandments that God had given to Moses. No one could come into the Holy of Holies except once a year (Day of Atonement/ Yom Kippur), and then only the high priest, and only with blood of a sacrificial lamb or goat. The priest would walk into the Holy of Holies, take the blood of the sacrificial lamb, and sprinkle it all over the Mercy Seat for the forgiveness of the sins of the people. While Jesus was being crucified, the lambs were being sacrificed in the temple. Just thought I would add that. You just have to LOVE God’s timing. And, that heavy seamless veil….it was torn in two, from top to bottom.

And that is very significant. After the crucifixion, the book of John tells us that Mary Magdelene went to the tomb, and she mistook our Lord for the gardener. But when she recognizes Him, He makes an extraordinary statement. He says, “Don’t touch me. I haven’t yet ascended to my Father, but go…” and He tells her to tell them to meet him at a certain place later. Then, later, He simply materializes in their midst, and there they get to touch the nail marks, and they get to touch Him, etc. Now, I have to question that. Why could they touch Him now, but Mary could not before? I think it was all in what He said, “I have not yet ascended to my Father.” I think there was one more thing He had to do.

You see, according to the book of Hebrews, Jesus is now our High Priest….therefore, He had one more job to do, but I do not see any reference for it in Scripture…. but I think that it happened. I believe that during the time between the time of His resurrection, and the time He saw His disciples, He ascended to His Father entered the Holy of Holies of Heaven, sprinkled His blood on the mercy seat of Heaven, and said three words…..”IT IS FINISHED!!!” The writer of Hebrews also tells us that we are partakers of a better covenant (Heb. 7:22). When Christ stretched out His hand to sprinkle blood on the mercy seat of heaven, there was a scar on his wrist… REMEMBER THE COVENANT? HALLELUJAH! WHAT A SAVIOR!